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 Our Story 

Trenchmen Teas is named after the "World War I Trenchmen". These men were often knowingly given tasks that would eventually result in their own death. They were given brass knuckles, knives, clubs, and other weapons and tasked to go into the trenches and eliminate enemies under the cover of darkness. Upon successful completion, these brave soldiers made a name for themselves against all odds. Just as the trenchmen of WWI were up against great odds, so, too, are we as we set out to take the tea industry in a new direction; changing its reputation from one of being proper to slightly improper, and to provide our customers with the highest quality, luxury loose-leaf tea that isn't priced at the industry standard at a 400% markup. We pledge this to our tea consumers all over the U.S. and internationally.


Our teas provide a variety of noticeable health benefits due to the premium ingredients within the blends. Trenchmen Teas will ensure that our customers have the necessary equipment and teas to guarantee all of the positive outcomes from the perfect cup of tea!


Anthony Farina
"Trenchmen Supreme"

Founder & CEO

Served 4 years in the Marines

12.5 years U.S. Army

Medically retired in 2015

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 The Trenchmen 

Anthony is the founder of Trenchmen Teas and author of Angels in Sadr City and ForeverVerse. He currently runs the administrative and logistics department for Trenchmen Teas where he oversees company operations and planning. In his spare time he is working on his next book, Ketamine Experiment, in which he details how ketamine helped him overcome past traumas, break the cycle of addiction, and has helped him to forgive his past self.

Anthony is driven by the desire to share his knowledge and love for loose-leaf tea. His company aims to provide amazing tea that has no fillers or poor-quality ingredients and is strongly against tea companies that inflate prices while selling tea with filler agents, just to push inventory and make a profit off of novice customers.

          Loose-leaf is a luxury, but should not be sold at the average 400% price markup that many companies charge, especially during a pandemic when nearly everything is expensive. What's worse is when you dig into this industry and find big chain stores sell loose-leaf at 550% and above, and 'high-end' tea companies charge an average of 1,200-1,400%. It's unethical, and these cockroach tea dealers need to be brought to light. Also, if someone tells you they sell tea but their product does not have the camellia sinensis plant in it, it's not tea."

Anthony holds a BA in philosophy, where he spent most of his time studying AI Ethics, Metaphysics, Psycholinguistics, and behavioral psychology. It is Anthony's goal for the company to be known for mentoring its customers so they can learn to make a cup of tea that is perfect for them. By doing so he is confident he can help improve the quality of life those that "Embrace the Sip!"

Anthony's Work


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Tea Set

Anthony Farina on tea in America:

          Fast forward to 2014, and this is where the idea of the company began. I was in British Columbia, and was asked to go and buy some tea. I didn't understand why a special trip was needed to go purchase tea until I got to a shop in Vernon, BC. Tea was set out for sampling inside a shop in a mall. I tasted it and immediately was taken aback by how amazing the flavor was, and that first sip honestly  changed me for the rest of my life. I later found out Americans have been cheated on tea. A lot of big name companies bleach their tea bags and sell 'sawdust quality tea', as I like to call it.  I felt I had a mission from there on out, which was to show people the truth about tea, to show why loose leaf tea is good and healthier for you in the way that it can be a replacement for a number of beverages that are not so good. Also , I wanted to show that good healthy tea does not have to be sold at a high price. That is why Trenchmen Teas was formed: to bring the love, purity, and health benefits our teas has to offer to everyone in America."

Russell Goar Jr.
"OG Trenchmen"

Founder and head of marketing

Served 20 years in U.S. Army Infantry

Honorably Retired

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Russell is one of the original founders of Trenchmen Teas and currently is our head of marketing. In his spare time, Russell is a full-time student pursuing a B.A. in Business Admin.


Russell’s first experience with authentic tea made him want to pursue knowledge in the loose-leaf tea industry. His interest was sparked when he watched YouTube videos about tea and philosophy. This experience drove him to eventually find his place in the tea industry by joining

Mr. Farina and building Trenchmen Teas together.


          What surprises me most is the lack of knowledge and awareness about the tea industry, all while this kind of product is readily available to the public. People simply are not familiar with loose-leaf tea in western cultures. My drive is continually fueled when I get into conversations with others and find out they are clueless about tea industry. I love seeing people's initial reaction when they first drink our tea and have to ask what it is they just drank! This opens up a conversation about loose-leaf tea and what it can do health-wise. I'm taking part in helping people find something healthy that will improve their lives and their taste!"


It is Russell’s goal for Trenchmen Teas to continue mentoring customers in order to shed a positive light on authentic tea, while also bringing awareness to the company brand. His love for tea and the purpose this company gives him is why he wakes up daily focusing on building an amazing tea company.

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