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Do you want the true Chai-Raq experience? Purchase a Trenchmen Tea crate set today! Treat yourself with one, or share the experience with friends and family!


Only $50!

Each Crate Includes:

○ 2 authentic Chai glasses
○ 2 shovel stirrers
○ 2 oz. of Chai-Raq
○ Trenchwater Chai sample pack
○ Cinna Roo Chai sample Pack
○ 40 Mike Mike sample Pack
○ Bio-degradable tea bags
○ Welcome & instruction letter

 Best Sellers 

Trenchmen's best chosen by you!


Superb body with mellow Indian spice notes. Bold and very enticing with milk, this chai creates a sensory trip that takes you down memory lane.


Our herbal and lavender blend of apple, oranges, and blue corn flowers has an excellent citrus taste. Grab a cup in the evening because tranquility awaits with each sip.


Dragon Fruit Iced Tea is rich in antioxidants and known to lower blood sugar. It is a member of the cactus family and originates in South America. Brew this tea hot, sweeten it with sugar in the raw, and serve chilled.

Herbal Tea

Angel B., IN

"Family-friendly environment, top-quality products, constant updates, and an amazing team working behind the scenes of this beautiful company."

 About Us 

Get to know Trenchmen Teas and our mission to fill up everyone's teapots with affordable, delicious tea amazing health benefits.

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